Feeling Lonely? It’s time to be free from loneliness!

Loneliness affects all of us at one time or another. If you or someone you know is feeling lonely, Gregory Dickow has carefully selected several resources as part of The Experience Freedom Series, Part 2. This powerful collection will help you stay connected and bring you divine relief and extraordinary freedom!

Experience Freedom Collection, Part 2: Freedom From Loneliness

The Experience Freedom Series, Part 2 includes the liberating 4-CD series entitled Freedom From Loneliness. You will also receive his just-released new book, The Influence of Connection, Triumphing Over Loneliness.

Included as an additional special bonus, this powerful collection includes the life-changing minibook, How to Never Be Hurt Again.

This collection is an absolute must for every Jesus follower!

Items Included

  • Freedom from Loneliness – 4-CD Series
  • Triumphing Over Loneliness – Paperback Book
  • How to Never Be Hurt Again – Paperback Minibook

Get your “Experience Freedom Collection Part 2” today for a gift of $35 or more.

Plus, if you missed last week’s offer you can get both collections, series one and two, including; four teachings and four books for only fifteen dollars or more. That’s a 30% savings on this life-changing collection!

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