Learn More About Non-Cash Donations

Do you have an old car, boat, or RV you’d like to sell or trade? Has the headache of advertising, negotiating, and filling out mountains of transfer paperwork kept you putting it off?

We offer you a better option!

Instead of selling or trading in your old vehicle, let us take care of the headache while you make a powerful difference in the lives of those who are ministry is impacting.

Donate your vehicle to Life Changers Church / Gregory Dickow Ministries right now, using the form below.

(Yes, you read that correctly. You can donate your vehicle, simply and securely, right here on our website.)

Imagine in just a few moments from now, the very same vehicle that is giving you a headache will be changing lives. You can scrape and argue for every penny on a sale or trade, or you can make a simple decision to generously touch the lives of others.

A powerful opportunity

Let me explain how you can get the most out of your vehicle—something more than you could ever get from selling it or trading it in—without the hassle.

Each year, $264 billion worth of used cars are sold. Every fall, when manufacturers roll out new models, there is a torrent of used cars, boats, and RVs donated to non-profits.

Previously we had no way to collect and liquidate your vehicle donation. That is no longer the case, as we now have the ability to accept your vehicle donation through our website.

You can multiply your impact.

Never have you had the opportunity to do so much good with so simple a task. Just complete the form here, and we take care of the rest.

It’s simple, secure, and amazingly hassle-free. Donating your vehicle online is by far the best way to do good with your old car, boat, or RV. And you’re sure to feel good about it every time you think of the lives you are impacting for eternity.

How it works

Select the icon of the asset type you want to give, provide us with some basic details about the item, and then we will give you the details on how to get the item to us, whether that is by you shipping it or us arranging for pickup