Breakthrough Living: The Miracles of Communion Collection $50


These empowering and practical messages and Scriptures will teach you what you can expect to happen when you take Communion. You will also learn how you can receive the miracles and blessings that Jesus has purchased for you on the cross.


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Breakthroughs are Coming Your Way!

Breakthroughs are your right as a child of God. There’s power, power, wonder-working power in the blood of the Lamb! Get ready to start living a BREAKTHROUGH life!

What would it feel like to have freedom from guilt, shame, and everything that binds you under? More than anything, God wants you to experience His love, grace, and the fresh vision He has of you every day. The blood of Jesus frees you and makes you whole and His promises confirm and enact that. The Precious Promises of the Blood of Jesus book will show you how His promises for you are going to break you free from guilt and shame.

Items Included

  • Power in the Blood | Single CD Audio Message with Scriptures
  • Breakthrough Life: The Miracles of Communion | Single CD Audio Message
  • Precious Promises of the Blood of Jesus | Paperback Book

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