The Supernatural Power Of Communion Thank-You Gift

To say thank you for your gift of $50 or more this month, I’d like to send you a special Supernatural Power of Communion Collection

You’ll receive the understanding of how eating the bread and drinking the cup releases the power of God into your life, and how communion will drive out sickness, drive out fear, and cause the mountains in your life to melt away.

Your seed today will be put to work immediately to help reach people all over the world with God’s love!

Thank you for sowing as generously as you can!

Suggested Donation: $50.00

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Experience the Supernatural Power of Communion

This package includes the four-part audio series, “Covenant of Blessing,” the audio teaching “Power in the Blood,” and the book, “The Precious Promises of the Blood of Jesus.” To help you immediately partake of the blessing of communion, we have also included seven conveniently packaged communion elements.

You’ll also receive a communion prayer card as a tool for you to confess God’s blessings over your life as you receive communion.

Items Included:

  • Covenant of Blessing | 4-CD Audio Series
  • The Precious Promises of the Blood of Jesus | Paperback BookBook
  • Power in the Blood |  Single Audio CD
  • Communion Prayer Card
  • Seven conveniently packaged Communion Elements

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