Conquering Your Thought Life by Gregory Dickow

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This inspiring and enlightening teaching will free you from believing that you must deserve God's goodness and blessing based upon your works, actions, or behaviors.

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Conquering Your Thought Life by Gregory Dickow

In this collection, Gregory Dickow shares profound truths with this step by step guide on how to conquer your thought life and inherit everything God has promised for you to have!

It starts with Gregory Dickow’s dynamic Conquering Your Thought Life System. This powerful collection will teach you how to take negative thoughts captive and stop the enemy’s attack on your mind.

You will be amazed at how fast you gain back your thought life as you apply these simple principles.

Included in this groundbreaking system is the 5-CD series, Winning the Battle of Your Mind. In this series, it will expose every trick of the enemy and help you to see clearly how to stop the devil, dead in his tracks, from penetrating your thought life!

Also, this system includes the simple and easy-to-read book, Winning the Battle of Your Mind. Designed from years of pastoral experience in which Pastor Dickow walks you through the steps to replace negative thoughts with Biblical promises and how to truly place your thoughts on what is good!

As a bonus, you will receive a copy of the studio message, Conquering Your Thought Life, completing this system and equipping you to live a life of real joy, peace, fulfillment, and victory!

Now’s the time to take your thoughts captive, so you can be all that God wants you to be!

Items Included

  • Winning the Battle of Your Mind – 5 CD Series
  • Winning the Battle of Your Mind – Paperback Book
  • Conquering Your Thought Life Studio Message – Single DVD



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