Coronavirus Crisis Relief

When you sow a seed today, it won’t just be multiplied back into your life, it will meet the spiritual needs of so many others! With the help of partners like you, we are feeding families who have been devastated by this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. We are helping partner churches around the world to feed their communities. We are reaching out to thousands of people with personal phone calls to pray with them, and miracles are happening!

Suggested Donation: $60.00

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This practical and empowering teaching will show you, step by step, how to receive miracles of blessing from Him by faith and see the manifestation of His power show up in every area of your life. With your seed of $60 or more, I’ll also send you my BRAND NEW SERIES, Expect Increase! 7 Things God Wants to Increase in Your Life! As a son or daughter of God, you have been called by Him to prophesy. By believing and declaring the Word of God, you can shape what happens in your life and turn things around for the better! In this timely and prophetic word from God, you will learn the seven things He wants to increase in your life based upon Scripture. You will also learn how He does it! No matter what difficulties you may be facing, you can believe God for increase instead of decrease, because He loves you and is with you. This powerful teaching will change your life forever!