The Cure: The Antidote to All Pain and Unhappiness


If you are being oppressed daily by depression, anxiety, unhappiness, pain, suffering, grief, bitterness, and offense, you are not alone. These symptoms are plaguing the masses in an epidemic. But you can get better; there is a cure to every disease and sickness in mind, body, and spirit—and The Cure is going to empower you to heal them all through Christ.


The Antidote to All Pain and Unhappiness

Is there an antidote to all pain and unhappiness? Absolutely!

Did you know that depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States among people ages 15–44 and that two-thirds of those dealing with depression do not actively seek or receive proper treatment for it? Without the hope and love of God, we are lost—destined for the suffering of this world. In The Cure, we learn how to allow the Holy Spirit to heal the sicknesses of our mind, body, and spirit through the life-changing love of a God who gave His all for us.

Items Included

  • The Cure: The Antidote to All Pain and Unhappiness | Paperback Book

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