End of Religion Bundle

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The End of Religion Bundle

Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship!

The era of you having to work for the forgiveness of your sins is over! You are no longer a “slave”, you are a son or daughter of God. When Jesus came to this earth He overturned “temporary religion” — where we relate to God based on the law. Because of His sacrifice, we now relate to God based on grace. God is done counting your sins against you. You no longer have to “do enough.” You are enough! And this powerful 5-CD teaching series from Gregory Dickow, will help you begin walking in this kind of freedom today!

Included in this bundle is Gregory Dickow’s 30-Day Devotional, The Promises of Hope. There has never been a better opportunity and greater need for hope than now. And this 30-Day Devotional will help you breathe in hope as you read and declare these 30 great promises from God’s Word!

Items Included

  • The End of Religion – 5-CD Series
  • The Promises of Hope – Paperback Book

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