The End of Religion Part 2 Collection

Suggested Gift: $19.00

This collection will show you how to experience God’s grace and mercy so fully that it will radically change who you are, and your entire life will change forever!

Minimum Gift: $19.00


The End of Religion Part 2 Collection

There is hope! You don’t have to do anything to experience the most incredible love imaginable!

First, in his revolutionary 5-CD series, The End of Religion, Pastor Gregory Dickow will show you how the daily and weekly rituals religion has told you you need to earn favor with God are holding you back from encountering a real and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. You will experience God’s amazing plan for your life, and learn an exciting new way to encounter God’s love through the teaching in this jam-packed series.

In addition, this incredible collection also includes Pastor Gregory Dickow’s book, The Promises of Hope. In this amazing book, you’ll learn about all of God’s promises and plans for your life, plans for you to truly prosper. Plus, while supplies last, you will receive our 25th Anniversary commemorative Piece absolutely free.

Orphans, children, and the fatherless will be reached because 100% of your gift will be used to reach them.

Revival, restoration, and reformation will happen as we first: teach orphans, children, and the fatherless here and around the world to read at grade level, then, making sure they each get their very own Bible, and finally, helping them get planted in a local church.

Order your collection for gift of $19 or more now, and experience the most incredible love imaginable!

Items Included

  • The End of Religion Part 2 – Single CD
  • The End of Religion – 5-CD Series
  • The Promises of Hope – Paperback Book
  • 25th Anniversary Commemorative Piece – Brochure

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