Haiti Outreach

Your gift today can help provide nutrient-rich food to prevent illnesses, rehabilitate children from malnutrition, and offer hope in the name of Jesus Christ. These hungry children receive a hot meal every day! For many of them, it’s the only meal they will eat that day. And because of our strategic partnership, your gift today can make a HUGE impact!

Your gift of $50 can provide 1,350 meals!

Your gift of $75 can provide 2,025 meals!

Your gift of $120 can provide 3,240 meals!

That means we have 1,350, 2,025, or even 3,240 opportunities to not only feed a starving child, but also share God’s love to those in desperate need.

Suggested Donation: $50.00

Your Donation:

Suggested Price: $50.00

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As you share a gift of $50 or more today to help meet this tremendous need, I will send you my 2-CD teaching series, THE SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM IN LIFE: BELIEVE IN THE GOODNESS OF GOD, with my deepest appreciation. This teaching will help you be free from despair, fear, anxiety, and worry TODAY.

You will SEE the goodness. You will SEE the glory. You will SEE the manifestation of your miracle!

This teaching is my thank-you gift to you when you sow a seed today into our Haiti outreach.

Click here to sow your seed of any amount without receiving my thank-you gifts.