Happiness – It Belongs to You Collection 2


This collection is packed with spiritual medicine that will help you conquer anxiety, depression, pain, and unhappiness, and will bring you breakthrough to mental and emotional freedom. You’re going to break down everything holding you back from the life of happiness you’ve always wanted. Happiness and health are yours!

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follow the Jesus way

It’s so hard to pull yourself out of mental and emotional suffering when you’re in the midst of experiencing it. But we have our loving Father who sends the help we need—you don’t have to do it alone!

Items Included:

  • The Jesus Way to Emotional Freedom Series | 3-CD Audio Series
  • The #1 Anti-Depressant & Anti-Anxiety Meditation | Single Audio CD
  • Happiness – It Belongs to You | Single Audio CD
  • The Cure | Paperback Book
  • What’s Holding You Back | 2-CD Audio Series

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