Healing is Here $50 Collection


In this collection, you will discover God’s way to get a hold of your healing, and be equipped and ready to bring all kinds of healing to others! As you follow the steps revealed in this life-changing collection, you can begin to expect God to heal your soul more than ever before!

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Healing Belongs to You!

Your breakthrough is here! Through this empowering collection, you will learn dozens of specific Bible verses that will help you defend the biblical perspective of God’s gift of healing for those who think God only heals spiritually and not physically. You will learn the reasons why sometimes recovery is instant, and other times why it is progressive.

Items Included:

  • Healing is Here | 2-CD Audio Series
  • 7 Steps to Emotional Health & Healing | Single Audio CD
  • Seven Secrets to a Healthy Soul | 5-CD Audio Series

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