How to Face Dark Times Collection


Get ready to realize the mindsets we need to win in every way and enjoy every day! This liberating collection will show us how we can be optimistic about our future and four ways to see life from a proper perspective—through God’s eyes. It will heal and free our souls as we understand the root causes of suffering, emotional pain, and the spiritual forces behind it all. Discover a powerful navigational system that will dissolve fear, bitterness, guilt, anger, and negativity. Happy days are ahead for you!

Soul Cure Book Publisher: Chosen Books
Language: English
Hardcover: ‎272 pages
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Jesus is the greatest Champion of all

The How to Face Dark Times Collection teaches us the five ways of thinking Jesus had when faced with His darkest moments. We know Jesus is the greatest Champion of all. How did He overcome the unimaginable trouble He experienced during Holy Week? We will learn how to renew our minds and think like Him. With these champion mindsets, we will be unstoppable in living a life of freedom, joy, and victory.

If you’re facing a dark moment or season in your life, don’t be afraid—the Light is coming! No matter how dark your situation is, God’s Light shines brighter and brighter and provides us with supernatural hope, confidence, trust, joy, and peace. Even when you don’t see the answer yet, there is a Light at the end of the tunnel. God is turning things around for your good. This liberating collection shares three things you can do to break through the darkness and into this Light. It will teach you how to not allow fear to rule over you.

God’s love for you is perfect! Perfect love casts out fear. When you discover the power of God’s healing love, then fear, anxiety, anger, and shame will stop sabotaging the happiness in your life. Your best days are going to be your next days. You will begin to turn your pain into purpose as God continues to write your winning story.

Items Included:

  • How To Face Dark Times and Not Fall Apart | Single CD Audio
  • Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: How to Breakthrough in Times of Darkness | 3-CD Audio Series
  • Fearless | 4-CD Audio Series
  • Soul Cure | Hardcover Book
  • Fearless: How to Conquer Fear Forever | Softcover Book

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