The Miracle of Pleasant Surprises Thank-You Gift

Together, we can touch thirty million lives with the power of God’s Word in their own language!

Help translate God’s Word into Hindi and Arabic, reaching MILLIONS around the world who desperately need to hear the power of the Word of God!

“The Miracle of Pleasant Surprises” is my thank-you gift to you for sowing your seed of $50 or more into this ministry for this important work.

Your seed today will be put to work immediately to help reach people all over the world with God’s love!

Thank you for sowing as generously as you can!

Suggested Donation: $50.00

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Suggested Price: $50.00

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If you feel a lack of purpose because of your past or because you think something is wrong with you, it doesn’t matter where you’ve been or how bad you’ve failed; no failures are permanent with God. Take the limits off of what you think God can do through you by listening to these three unexpected gifts of Jesus’ first coming—the divine Christmas miracles Jesus performed through the world’s least-expected and ‘least-of-these.’ God does things differently, so expect the unexpected, starting right now!

The arrival of Jesus and the gospel is the end of fear! This inspiring series will show you how to put an end to all of it in your life. As you put your faith in God’s glorious promises, His perfect love will cast out all fear. As you put your faith in His glorious promises, His perfect love will cast out all fear. Now, you can expect your miracle to show up because you trust in His glorious, unconditional, and eternal love for you!

Items Included:

  • The Miracle of Pleasant Surprises | 3-CD Audio Series

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