Your Miracle Breakthrough Begins Here Collection

Suggested Gift: $35.00

This practical and effective collection will deliver you from stress and show the Biblical pattern you can follow to receive a greater measure of God’s healing power for your mind, will, and emotions.

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Your Miracle Breakthrough Begins Here Collection

Do you need a miracle? It’s time to activate and receive it!

Your miracle breakthrough is closer than you think! Today is your day to shift your thinking, elevate your expectations, shut the door on unbelief, and discover the power that is in you.

Gregory Dickow has created the limited edition Breakthrough Collection that will activate the power inside of you and light up the pathway to your miracle.

You can begin to activate what is on the inside of you today by getting this Breakthrough Collection. When your situation becomes desperate, and you place your faith in God’s hands, His power shines the brightest.

This collection is an absolute must for every Jesus follower who is believing God for a miracle. Gregory Dickow has made this collection accessible and affordable.

Your Breakthrough Collection includes three, 2-CD audio series, Breakthrough Thinking, Breakthrough Prayer, and Breakthrough Living. Also included is a special bonus: the book, “Lasting Change From the Inside Out”.

That’s six CDs and one life-changing book for thirty-five dollars today.

Items Included

  • Breakthrough Thinking – 2-CD Series
  • Breakthrough Prayer – 2-CD Series
  • Breakthrough Living – 2-CD Series
  • Lasting Change From the Inside Out – Paperback Book

Activate what is on the inside of you by getting this “Breakthrough Collection” today for a gift of $35 or more.

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