The True Nature of God September FREE Offer


This powerful and practical teaching will inspire you, motivate you, show you the practical steps you need to take in order to break the power of your limiting beliefs about God, and increase your faith in the one true God Who always keeps His promises!

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The True Nature of God
September FREE Offer

When I see hardship, suffering, and tragedy around the world, it breaks my heart and compels me to get this message of His goodness to everyone who hasn’t heard and seen.

I’ve often heard people ask, “If God is so good, why do these bad things happen?” Well, it would take me a little longer to explain that, so I want to BLESS YOU with a teaching that I believe will help answer that question and encourage you in your faith, as it has mine. This teaching: the TRUE NATURE OF GOD, is my gift to you for being a friend and partner to me and this ministry.

I’ll send you this 2-CD teaching to you free of charge and postage paid.

In His Amazing Love,

Items Included:

  • The True Nature of God | 2-CD Audio Series

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