Our God Heals Collection

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Our God Heals Collection

There is a poison of depression, unhappiness, pain, bitterness, and offense that the devil has unleashed in this world. What is the antidote to this poison? How do you release this antidote and walk in its power to set you free?

This inspiring and powerful 4-CD teaching, It Is Well, will increase your faith to help you receive healing for whatever disease or sickness you may be facing, and empower you to bring healing to others as well.

Pastor Dickow has also included his book, Taking Charge of Your Emotions. In this book you will learn: how to change the way you feel, how to get of the emotional rollercoaster, the root of depression and all negative emotions, freedom from anger, freedom from stress, and much, much more!

Plus, an added bonus, Pastor Gregory Dickow will send you the Prayer of Jabez Bookmark! You can use this bookmark as a reminder to help you pray this amazing prayer daily, along with Pastor Dickow, and the millions of other people who are praying with you! Declare this amazing prayer over your life every single day!

Items Included

  • It Is Well – 4-CD Series
  • Taking Charge of Your Emotions – Paperback Book
  • The Prayer of Jabez Bookmark


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