The Majesty of His Resurrection Package

The book of Revelation is the most colorful and fantastical book in the Bible, but for that very reason, it is the most difficult to understand. In this straightforward, step-by-step teaching, I paint the glorious picture of God’s majesty in Revelation, by clarifying the signs and symbols of the final days of Earth, the second coming of Jesus, and the days following until the transformation of the Earth.

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Experience the Majesty of His Resurrection

What is the significance of Jesus’ resurrection? The book of Revelation has never been easier to understand. God is going to reveal something to you!

In my Precious Promises of the Blood of Jesus book, you will get a front row seat into the promises of God that will set you free from your guilt and shame. His promises for you will never fail!

These gifts are my way of saying “thank you” for joining me in our God-given vision to take the Gospel to those who might not have heard it any other way.

Together, we can do the impossible and reach THIRTY MILLION with the hope of Jesus!

Items Included:

  • The Majesty of His Resurrection | Single Audio CD
  • The Precious Promises of the Blood of Jesus | Paperback Book

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