God Will Right Every Wrong Collection

Suggested Gift: $60.00

This collection will cause fear to leave your life. Peace and confidence will fill your heart and mind. You will be empowered to have the unwavering expectation that God will meet all of your needs.

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God Will Right Every Wrong Collection

God’s Promises to Right Every Wrong!

This collection will inspire you, empower you, and give you the practical tools you need to increase your expectation of God’s goodness. Now you can expect to see God’s goodness right every wrong that you have experienced!

With a special and sacrificial gift of $60 or more, we will send you Jesus: Our Avenger along with Gregory Dickow’s DVD teaching of Think Great Live Great and his 4-CD teaching series, Tornado Love.  Plus, as a special gift, Gregory Dickow will send you his book, Triumphing Over Loneliness.  This practical and liberating brand-new book will reveal the Biblical patterns you can follow to receive a greater measure of God’s healing power for your mind, will, and emotions, and finally put a nail in the coffin of loneliness forever! This book is an absolute must for every Jesus follower!

Don’t wait! We need to hear from you today so that we can reach as many people as possible with the love of God. Imagine your joy—as these precious people actually hear the good news of God’s love for themselves and meet Jesus, their Savior. Wow!

Items Included:

  • Jesus: Our Avenger – 3-CD Audio Series
  • Think Great Live Great – DVD
  • Tornado Love – 4-CD Audio Series
  • Triumphing Over Loneliness – Paperback Book

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