Sit With Me: The Invitation of a Lifetime Collection $25


This practical and life-changing collection will teach you how to meditate on what God has done for you so you can be free from anxiety and rest in Him.

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You Can Be Anxious for Nothing!

Jesus made you free from having to be anxious! How can you experience your freedom?

This practical collection will teach you how to meditate on what God has already done for you. Now, you can experience healing, happiness, joy, peace, freedom from sadness, calmness, and deliverance from anxiety! The most important thing that matters to God is that you understand what He is truly like and that you fellowship with Him. How can you develop an intimate relationship with Him? This collection will show you how to experience intimacy with God so you can understand your authority. This revelation will liberate you from the culture of comparisons, give you the ability to see from God’s perspective, and view, live, and give life from the best seat in the house! Jesus’ invitation to you to sit with Him is the invitation of a lifetime!

Items Included

  • The #1 Anti-Depressant & Anti-Anxiety Meditation | Single Audio CD
  • Sit With Me ~ Jesus | The Invitation of a Lifetime | Single Audio CD

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