The Cross is Love Collection (Spanish)


This powerful collection reveals how the cross shows us the love of God. The liberating power in this collection will drive out sickness and fear. It will cause mountains in our lives to melt away. We will also learn how communion releases the covenant of divine protection. Even during wars, disease, and a struggling economy, all of us can dwell securely because of the blood of Jesus. It also includes seven conveniently packaged communion elements to help us immediately partake of the blessing of Holy Communion.



Is the Cross Really Love?

The cross is love demonstrated and made visible in a way we can accept. You can’t write a more tragic story than the crucifixion of Jesus. The Supreme Court of Heaven had to be satisfied. God is holy and just. Yet, you could not write a more beautiful story about His love either. The crucifixion of Jesus is a story of love because it’s a story of freeing us from all our fears. Jesus became sin so we could become the righteousness of God. Jesus fully paid our debts, served our sentence, and won our victory. Nothing in all creation can separate us from the love of God. The love of God is invincible!

In this liberating collection, Pastor Gregory Dickow explains the powerful covenant we have with God. When we activate it by taking Holy Communion, we’ll have the power to do good, and it will remove burdens, destroy yokes, and healing will show up!

As humans, it’s easy to feel like we are our mistakes. All of the poor decisions we’ve made or ways we’ve failed are a part of who we are, but they are not who we are—and God has already forgiven and forgotten them! In reading The Precious Promises of the Blood of Jesus, we get a front-row seat into the promises of God that set us free from our guilt and shame. His promises for us will never fail!

Items Included:

  • The Cross is Love | Single Audio CD
  • Covenant of Blessing | 4-CD Audio Series
  • Tan Amado (So Loved) | Paperback Book in Spanish
  • The Precious Promises of The Blood | Paperback Book
  • Pre-Packaged Communion Elements | Set of 7


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