The God of Open Doors Collection


This empowering collection will help open doors and cause us to experience happiness and a connection to God’s amazing grace and power. Get ready—happy days are ahead for you!

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Activate God’s Power

The God of Open Doors Collection explains how to be a captain of joy instead of a captive of discontentment. We never have to feel limited another day in our lives, because there are no limits when we have a connection to God’s power. Being connected is how it flows. Being connected is how we can start living victoriously beyond what we’ve ever expected.

Grace is all about the finished work of Jesus on the cross. His privileges are equally available to anyone who comes to Him through His amazing grace. We can stop living in the deserved ones. Instead, we can be happy and start living in the undeserved privileges He freely gave us.

Happy days belong to us as believers in Jesus Christ. Yet, so many people are still living in discontentment. Even in the worst of times, God has created us to find joy in our lives.

This collection will reveal and focus on the sources of true happiness and the power of intimacy, connection, and relationship with God. You are no longer separate from God because of sin; Jesus died once and for all to be close to you. He notices you, calls you by name, speaks to you, and desires you. This will change your relationship with yourself, people, and money.

Items Included:

  • The God of Open Doors: How To Activate the Power of God | Single CD Audio
  • Happy Days: A Moment with Jesus | 3-CD Audio Series

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