The Power of a Spoken Blessing Collection

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Are there any areas in your own life that you are waiting for a blessing to arise?

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Are there any areas in your own life that you are waiting for a blessing to arise? Whether it is a blessing in your family, body, business, job, or your health, you will learn that those areas may be impacted through what you believe and what you speak. Pastor Dickow invites you on a journey to dive deep into the word of God and learn how to release the power of the gifts that come with the blessing of God!

The first component of this bundle will include the 3-CD series “The Blessing: The Most Powerful Force on Earth”. You will hear Pastor Dickow break down how the blessings of God are all yours as a child of God.

Next, you will receive “The Promises, Benefits, and Miraculous Effects of the Blessing.” This 3-CD series will uncover the spiritual as well as the natural benefits of operating in the blessings of God.

You’ll also be taught the practical steps to release the blessings of the Lord to move you forward with the 3-CD series called “How to Release the Blessing Over Everything You Put Your Hand To.”

Next, you will obtain your very own “Purpose Journal.” This journal will help you track every day of your 90 days of blessing in your own life! Recording all that God has done for you will enable you to reflect on how God’s blessing changed your life.

Finally, you will continue to practice speaking the Word of God over your life with Pastor Dickow’s audio CD “Confessing God’s Word”. This resource will empower you to speak and see miracles happen!


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