The Seven Miracles of Forgiveness Collection

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It’s never too late for you to experience the purpose, the calling, and the destination that God has for your life, regardless if you’ve ever fallen, blown it, failed, or been rejected.

In these 3 powerful products, Gregory Dickow shows you how to leave behind unforgiveness, guilt, shame, fear, insecurity, inferiority, anxiety, addictions, and rejection.

First, you’ll receive Gregory Dickow’s Audio Series A Fresh Start, where you’ll learn:

Why your healing begins with forgiveness
How you can stop the devil from manipulating you with guilt
When your desire to please others will fail and lead you into fear
What you must do to enjoy God’s best for the rest of your life

Next, you will receive Pastor Dickow’s 4-Disc Audio Series, The God of Second Chances. In this series you will encounter the God of forgiveness! The revelation in these messages will bring total restoration to your life! Gregory Dickow walks you through the steps to truly forgive yourself, and those who have hurt you!

And finally, with the book How to Never Be Hurt Again, you’ll learn:

How to overcome past hurts in your life
The wrong response to hurt
The right response to hurt
The simple steps to being free
How to release supernatural favor in your life

This book will empower you to enjoy a fresh start with God.

Items Included

The God of Second Chances – 4-CD Series
A Fresh Start – 4-CD Series
How to Never Be Hurt Again – Minibook