The Three Miracles of Intimacy with Jesus Collection


This collection reminds us of the powerful tools that we already have! You will learn how to have a relationship with Jesus that’s full of joy. The good things we seek and strive for in this life can only come from God. You will experience the joys of life when you accept the invitation to an intimate encounter with the Father!


Discover the power of intimacy

What are the three miracles of intimacy with Jesus?

You’re on Jesus’ “MUST” list! In this inspiring teaching from Pastor Gregory Dickow, you’ll learn through the story of Zacchaeus’ encounter with Jesus how intimacy with Him will completely change three things in your life. These three miracles of intimacy mean you matter to Him. He’s always close, always smiling with you, and always in a hurry to be with you!

We can take inventory of what God has given us, and what He has NOT given us. We don’t have fear, but we have power, love, and a sound mind. The power of God shows no partiality and is not prejudiced. The love of God is never-ending. Our minds can think through God’s point of view. As the church, we are not flawless, but we are truly better together.

This collection reveals the unlimited, intimate passion of Jesus and the love that comes with it. The gifts we receive through this intimacy are irrevocable and given in abundance freely. His love is the most powerful thing in existence. He has no prerequisites—come into His presence and freely receive.

Items Included:

  • Intimacy with Jesus | 4-CD Audio Series

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