Why Your Prayers Will Be Answered Collection

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Strongholds are lies from the devil. They are built up in your mind and try to control you, so you give up on your faith, and quit on God. Pastor Gregory Dickow has put together this 5-CD series to reveal to you from the Bible five lies that the devil tells you to get you to quit. This series will show you how to systematically pull them down so they no longer affect you in a negative way.

Also included is, No More Unanswered Prayers, a 4-CD series that will teach you why prayer is so important, and will reveal that God doesn’t just tell us to pray, He also tells us how. In this practical, four-part audio series, Pastor Gregory Dickow shows you the foundations and patterns of effective prayer. You will learn how to pray in the manner that Jesus taught, and discover the life-changing secrets to always getting your prayers answered! Get this entire collection today for your gift of any amount (plus S&H).

Items Included

No More Unanswered Prayers – 4-CD Series
Strongholds – 5-CD Series