Discovering Your True Worth


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Discovering Your True Worth Collection

Get this powerful $30 teaching today for a gift of any amount!

With your gift of any size, you will receive the Discovering Your True Worth Collection in its entirety. Gregory Dickow will show you how to open yourself up to the floodgates of heaven’s blessings. You will also learn how to conquer and succeed in life when you understand how to take your rightful place in victory and defeat the devil’s lies. This teaching will help you live in God’s true blessing for your life.

The world likes to tell you that you don’t measure up; it likes to calculate your net worth and evaluate you by your things, your job, your money, your looks, and your mile marker successes. But that’s not who you really are, is it? Once you learn what your true worth is and where it comes from, no one else’s standards can discount you ever again. Listen to Discovering Your True Worth to discover who you are in Christ and step into God’s ultimate purpose for your life.

Partner with Gregory Dickow Ministries with your monthly gift of $19 or more, and you will receive this powerful $30 teaching along with the 4-CD series, Identity, and Gregory Dickow’s recently released book, Silencing the Accuser!

Item Included

  • Discovering Your True Worth – 4-CD Series