You Have Authority Collection


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Pastor Dickow has put together a collection that will help you to understand your true meaning as a son or daughter of God.

Stop waking in frustration, defeat and the lies of the enemy, and begin to COMMAND YOUR DAY! In this 4-CD series, Pastor Dickow is bringing an end – once and for all – to the endless cycle of your days being driven by a force working against you, and revealing the secret in God’s word to shut the mouth of the enemy. Command your day towards God’s plan for peace, passion, and prosperity in your life, starting today!

In the 5-CD series, “Framing Your World with Your Words”, you will discover that by speaking to your problem rather than about it, you will begin to experience unshakable joy, and have the confidence that your words will change your life forever! You can know confidently that by framing your life with God’s words, you are building it with the material that will withstand any pressure that comes against it!

Lastly, you will also receive the mini-book, “The Power to Change Anything: The Ten Commandments of Change” to discover the power to change:

Your health
Your finances
Your emotions
Your marriage or family
The way you see yourself . . .

And many more areas in your life.

Items Included

Command Your Day – 4-CD Series
Framing Your World with Your Words – 5-CD Series
The Power to Change Anything: The Ten Commandments of Change – Paperback Book