Stressed? It’s time to find rest!

Are you ready to live stress-free? This practical and effective collection, From Stressed to Rest, by Gregory Dickow, will deliver you from stress! You will learn the Biblical pattern you can follow to experience God’s healing power for your mind, will, and emotions!

From Stressed to Rest Collection

When you are born again, God gives you a brand-new spirit that He created in righteousness and true holiness. How does God heal your soul? How do you think, feel, and live in a healthy and victorious way? This effective collection will show you how you can experience God’s rest and peace more than ever before! This $50 value is priced at only $35.

These powerful resources by Gregory Dickow will teach you how you can start experiencing the rest and peace that already belongs to you! Don’t miss out on your chance to be changed forever from stressed to rest!

Complete Package Includes:

  • From Stressed to Rest – 2-CD Series
  • Taking Charge of Your Emotions – Paperback Book
  • 30 Days of Rest – Paperback Minibook

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