A Moment With Jesus: Happy Days | Part 3
Gregory Dickow
I don’t have a complicated message: I want to encourage people with the good news of God’s unconditional love—and to see that reality change their thinking and their emotions.

Sunday | February 28 | 9AM

"A Moment With Jesus: Happy Days | Part 3”

In one moment, your entire perspective can change. In this insightful message, Pastor Gregory Dickow shares the moment that changed Zacchaeus’ life forever––the moment Jesus noticed him, recognized him, and called him by name. When you realize your past doesn’t have to keep you in shame (or in a tree) but that He came to die on the Tree to have an intimate relationship with you, your perspective and life change for the better. Your relationship with yourself, money, possessions, and others will be changed forever through the supernatural, miraculous relationship you get to have with Jesus. To God, nothing matters more than you—you are His bride! Get ready for Happy Days——part 3!

Verses: Luke 19:2-8 NASB Luke 19:3 NIV Romans 3:23​ NIV Luke 19:4 NIV Genesis 3:7 NIV