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Several years ago, God asked me to call America AND the nations of the world to a Fast From Wrong Thinking. Not a fast from food, but a fast from the toxic thoughts, limiting beliefs, and mentalities of failure—the very things that defeat us and hold us prisoner to our past or to our pain. Since then, testimonies have poured in from all over the world—addictions broken, anxieties stopped, finances increased, bodies healed, families restored, and so much more! This is not a fast from food. But a fast from wrong thinking.

Now, fasting from food can be a blessing, but usually it’s more of a burden because so many times we may abstain from food, yet we swallow in abundance—a full “diet” of lies that limit and defeat us. The breakthrough all of us truly need in this hour, will come from eliminating our worn-out, self-defeating thoughts, condemnation, anxiety, worry, and fear. And, it comes from embracing God’s way of thinking which creates His way of living. It is TIME for YOUR breakthrough!!


“I don’t want to think where my life would be without going through this fast from wrong thinking. As I went through the daily emails, I was healed of a lifetime of post-traumatic stress disorder. If you’ve never had it, you don’t want to know what it’s like. I praise God that he’s healed me, and I thank him daily.”

– Rachel


“Dear Pastor Gregory, I’m 63 and have been saved for over 50 years. I fell into a deep depression and felt worthless, unloved, and unworthy. Past events played over and over in my mind taking me deeper and deeper into depression, all the while with Satan telling me just how pathetic I was. Now, after only 21 days of the Fast From Wrong Thinking, all I can say is it has not only changed my perspective, but I am truly happy in a way I have never been before. This fast may only be for 40 days but I am now on a Lifelong Journey. Thank you!”

– David


“First, thanks for your FFWT series which has absolutely been a blessing me. Today’s topic really hits home. I could never believe I did enough, always thought I didn’t pray or read my bible enough. Beat up myself for not understanding enough. But, thank God, because of this teaching today I realize there is no need to worry that Jesus settled my account and the price has been paid. 1st John 3 v 21-22 did it. Glory to the Most High God”

– Beulah


“Fasting from wrong thinking is changing my life right now, especially from the thought “I feel alone”. It is good to know that Jesus is on my boat! I lost my Mother 3 years ago, and I have been feeling so alone without her because she was my “person” in this earth realm. There are times when I have these sinking feelings that crush my spirit, but this fasting with Pastor Dickow is helping me. Thanks!!”

– Rosalyn


“I was dealing with an issue that kept me on an emotional roller coaster, depressed and full of anxiety. After reading #FFWT Day 11 “I Feel Depressed” I no longer depressed, I feel a definite change. I feel stronger, I feel alive again. I am so excited for what God has for my life I can’t wait to continue reading what’s next. Thank you!!”

– Artanya