October 24, 2021
In this powerful teaching, Pastor Gregory Dickow teaches us five steps David took to attack the enemy back when tough times came against him.
MOMENTS | I Don’t Want to Be Stressed Anymore
October 20, 2021
In this Moments episode, Pastor Gregory Dickow and his son Robert discuss the remedy needed to produce the cure for being stressed out.
Press On
October 18, 2021
In this encouraging message, Pastor Gregory Dickow shares the secret to running and winning the race. We have control over our lives through our perseverance, patience, and shameless persistence.
October 13, 2021
In this Moments episode, Pastor Gregory Dickow gives us important ways to become impactful leaders through the power of vision.
Stay With It
October 10, 2021
In this practical message, Pastor Gregory Dickow shows us why consistency is the key to success. It always comes when we "stay with it" by believing and loving.