A Faith That Never Fails
April 12, 2021
Pastor Gregory Dickow teaches us the four things our faith should be resting in. These four things will free us from the impossible mission of trying to put that faith in ourselves.
How to Overcome the Fear of Missing Out and Start Enjoying Your Life | A TBT Moment
April 8, 2021
Today's episode is a throwback Thursday moment from a mid-2020 message entitled, "You Will Not Miss It: The Beautiful Will of God" (Watch the entire message here).
As He Is So Are We
April 4, 2021
On this bright resurrection Sunday, Pastor Gregory Dickow gives us a fresh look at what kind of Savior Jesus really is.
MOMENTS | The Rewards of the Kingdom of God
April 1, 2021
In this inspiring Moments episode, Pastor Gregory Dickow and his son JD continue to share the treasures of leadership found in what Jesus said to the Apostle Peter.
The Heart of God | How to Truly Love | Part 2
March 28, 2021
In this incredibly healing message, Pastor Gregory Dickow continues teaching about empathy: how to truly love the way God loves.