Re-Parenting Yourself and Healing Trauma
May 22, 2023
In this week's message, Gregory Dickow offers a life-altering perspective on trauma and our inherent ability to heal. He shows us that healing is not about forgetting or avoiding our trauma but learning how to reparent ourselves through the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.
Think Like a Champion EP 61 | Awaken the Champion Within
May 18, 2023
In this profound episode, Gregory Dickow takes you on a journey to unearth the champion within. Explore the boundless leadership, resilience, and personal victory that lie within you.
To Know Yourself by Knowing God
May 15, 2023
In his latest message, 'To Know Yourself by Knowing God', Gregory Dickow dives deep into this connection between knowing ourselves and knowing God, honing in on a unique part of God's character—His joy and playfulness.
Think Like a Champion EP 60 | Your Calling Is Found in Your Conquering
May 11, 2023
In this episode of Think Like a Champion, Gregory Dickow reveals the secret - your calling is found in your conquering!
Heal Your Trauma and Break Through to Your Destiny
May 8, 2023
ToIn this message, Gregory Dickow explores the importance of healing from past trauma and the role it plays in breaking through to our purpose.