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“Reading your emails on the 40 day fast from wrong thinking has my head cleared up and in the right place. It was so bad I could hardly read. Now, I know what the problems are and am dealing with them. Thank you Pastor Dickow and Praise the LORD.”

– Bankole


“So my wife and I have been separated for a month now. Our marriage has taken some deep blows and it has created some ugly wounds. My thoughts, my words, and my actions led to our separation, and it all started with a thought. Well after a month of being separated, she invited me to lunch. She has noticed some change in me and it’s all because of this fasting! I am blessed to hearing your word that God has asked for you to deliver. Keep being used Pastor Gregory!”

– Juan


“As of Sunday October 27, I am 6 months clean from my addictions! The Fast From Wrong Thinking has been an encouragement to me since day 1. I am discovering positive affirmations about myself. This program has immensely helped me with re-training my mindset and recognizing I am who God says I am. I don’t have to identify with who I used to be. It feels amazing to be a part of this new extended family.”

– Melody