As some of you may know, we have a Life Changers Church in the nation of Haiti. My heart was torn upon hearing about another earthquake that struck Haiti on Saturday morning, August 14, at 8:29AM, a nation and people already facing a massive food shortage, political uprisings, and the assassination of their president recently. This was also a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. As of today, an estimated 1,300 lives have been lost—not to mention the great devastation and the despair of the poor. And if there’s one thing on the heart of God, it’s reaching and helping the poor with His love in the middle of crisis, and that’s what we’re doing.

We have boots on the ground already deploying help, giving food, and rescuing orphans. And so I want to ask for your help today. God has called us as a Global Church family to BE THE CHURCH, and that doesn’t mean gathering in a building only. It means reaching out from that building, and from our homes, and from our hearts, to reach the suffering, the poor, and the hurting. So I want to ask, will you partner with me and our Life Changers Missions Church in Haiti? Our precious missionary partners are already being mobilizing. We are feeding, helping, and healing already—BEING THE CHURCH. I could really use your help.

We might not physically be able to go to Haiti and help with this crisis, but our LOVE IN ACTION can be sent financially to reach and extend from afar. Here is the link to be part of this crisis relief project with us for Haiti.

Thank you in advance for partnering with God and me in loving the hurting and loving the suffering. Thank you so much! God bless. GIVE NOW.

“It’s the goodness and kindness of God
that leads you to repentance…”
Romans 2:4