Just Move Forward A Little | #FFWT Day 26
Daniel Campos
Just Move Forward A Little | #FFWT Day 26

Hey gang, today we’re fasting from the thought that says “I Feel stuck”.

We’ve all thought that at times, but it’s a lie. There’s always a way out of what you’re in, or a way into what you’ve been kept out of.

When Jesus was tempted to not go to the cross, the Bible says, “He went forward a little . . .” (Mark 14:35 KJV). When you feel stuck, like there’s nothing you can do, just take a step. Don’t think about all the steps. Just take the next one. In a relationship, the first step may be just saying you’re sorry. If it’s finances, maybe it’s just cutting one area of spending or giving one extra offering. Move forward a little!

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