Living From Victory: Anxious for Nothing USB Collection



This life-changing collection includes powerful resources that will teach you how to meditate on what God has done for you so you can be free from anxiety and rest in Him. It also includes your very own Solar-Powered Audio Bible.


You Can Be Anxious for Nothing!

Firstly, Jesus made you free from having to be anxious! How can you experience your freedom? This practical collection will teach you how to meditate on what God has already done for you. Now, you can experience healing, happiness, joy, peace, freedom from sadness, calmness, and deliverance from anxiety!

Secondly, included is the practical and powerful message, Living from Victory: Anxious for Nothing. God wants you to live in victory and resurrection power every day of your life, not just once in a while. How do you live from victory instead of trying to strive after it? Jesus has rendered sin powerless, so you no longer have to let it control you. The great news is, you no longer have to struggle to get saved, stay saved, get healed, or have peace, joy, or happiness. Jesus has already purchased these blessings for you. How do you access them and experience their benefits? This empowering and revealing teaching will show you the victory that Jesus has already earned for you and how to enforce it. Now you can enjoy the blessings that are rightfully yours, and finally, be free from anxiety.

Thirdly, we have also included a signed copy of Gregory Dickow’s book, Fast From Wrong Thinking 40-Day Devotional. This liberating book has changed multitudes of people’s lives all around the world!

Additional Resources

Fourthly, this special collection also includes your very own Solar-Powered Audio Bible as a reminder of your support in helping him reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This amazing handheld device will plant the seed of the entire Bible, the Plan of Salvation, Pastor Gregory Dickow’s 10 most life-changing teachings, and the Children’s Version of The Jesus Film!

Finally, Sit With Me: The Invitation of a Lifetime, will show you how to experience intimacy with God. This revelation will liberate you from the culture of comparisons, give you the ability to see from God’s perspective, and view life and give life from the best seat in the house! Jesus’ invitation for you to sit with Him is the invitation of a lifetime!

Items Included

  • The #1 Anti-Depressant & Anti-Anxiety Meditation | Single Audio (On USB Drive)
  • Living from Victory: Anxious for Nothing | Single Audio (On USB Drive)
  • Signed Copy of Fast From Wrong Thinking 40-Day Devotional | Paperback Book
  • Solar-Powered Audio Bible | English
  • Sit With Me | 4-Part Audio Series (On USB Drive)

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