Beauty for Ashes: He’s the God Who Raised the Dead Collection


This inspiring and powerful collection will reveal to you the love, power, and victory that you can experience when you put your faith in the death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Even in the midst of war, disease, and a struggling economy, you and your family can dwell securely. This is because of the Blood of Jesus.

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You Can Have Beauty for Ashes!

The death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ are the most important events that have ever happened in human history. God has promised to give you beauty for ashes, which consist of all the burned remains of the wounded parts of your life. How can you experience victory—over sin, guilt, fear, and every negative thing—that Jesus paid for you to have? What is the historical evidence that God raised Him from the dead? How can you experience freedom from doubt and feel real hope again? This life-changing teaching will answer these questions and more!

This teaching will also give you understanding about how eating the bread and drinking the Communion cup releases the power of God into your life. It will drive out sickness, drive out fear, and cause the mountains in your life to melt away. You will also learn how communion releases divine protection in your life. The blood of Jesus frees you and makes you whole, and His promises confirm and enact that. His promises for you are also going to break you free from guilt, shame, and other negative emotions. Get ready to be set free and experience God giving you beauty for ashes. This teaching will change your life for the better!

Items Included:

  • Beauty for Ashes: He’s the God Who Raised the Dead| 2-CD Audio Series
  • Covenant of Blessing | 4-CD Audio Series
  • Precious Promises of the Blood of Jesus | Paperback Book

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