7 Steps to Emotional Health & Healing Collection


As you follow the steps revealed in this life-changing collection, you can begin to expect God to bring more of His divine healing into your soul than ever before! You will also learn how to take charge of your emotions, overcome rejection, and experience the affection, acceptance, and unconditional love of God your Father.

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Emotional Health & Healing is Your Right

What are the root causes of all of the emotional pain and suffering that you experience in your life? What is Jesus’ prescription for your emotional health and healing? The good news is, Jesus, went about healing every kind of disease and sickness in His earthly ministry, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Without the hope and love of God, we are lost—destined for the suffering of this world. But there is an answer that works for everyone, all the time.

As a result of God’s love for you, He can completely rebuild you, revive you, and heal your soul. This practical and life-transforming collection will cultivate peace and joy in you. It will awaken you to who you are, what God has done for you, and what you can do with the power He has given you. It will empower you to think right thoughts, feel right emotions, and identify toxic thoughts and feelings. This teaching will help you make healthy decisions, deepen your understanding of living in God’s presence, and experience God’s best.

You will also learn how to put on the breastplate of righteousness so you can practically experience the victory that belongs to you in Christ. You’ll be equipped to manage your emotions by giving them to God, so you can live as a healthy-minded, balanced, and self-controlled person.

Items Included

  • Seven Secrets to a Healthy Soul | 5-CD Audio Series
  • Seven Steps to Emotional Health & Healing | Single Audio CD
  • The Kiss of Righteousness | 2-CD Audio Series
  • Taking Charge of Your Emotions | Paperback Book

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