The Fast From Wrong Thinking Collection (Brown)


Join the hundreds of thousands of people who have already experienced positive, lasting change through this Fast From Wrong Thinking Collection!

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Fast From Wrong Thinking Collection

Get the Fast From Wrong Thinking Collection and overcome wrong thinking. The way you think controls your entire life; your thoughts shape your words, your actions, and your habits. A bad mindset can make you depressed, anxious, afraid, suffer, lonely, angry, and it can keep you from living wholly in your rightful place as a Child of God. The great news is, you can overcome it! Experts say it takes 6 weeks to break old habits and form new ones that last.

The Fast from Wrong Thinking is not a fast from food. It’s a fast from thoughts that defeat you, keep you limited, and keep you from experiencing the life that God has always imagined for you! This collection will help you discover and obliterate thoughts holding you back from the life God intended for you—a life beyond your wildest dreams.

This collection of resources features the same messages and principles that changed Gregory Dickow’s life, along with countless others! By renewing your mind, conquering your thought life, breaking the thoughts of failure, and filling your mind with the Word of God, you will have great success in gaining God’s abundant life! It also includes a beautiful, leather-bound journal to record your progress.

Remember, God’s not mad at you, He’s mad about you! Order today to see positive change!

Items Included:

  • Fast from Wrong Thinking | 5-CD Audio Series
  • Fast from Wrong Thinking | DVD Series
  • Leather Bound Journal (Brown)
  • Fast from Wrong Thinking | Paperback Book

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