Freely Receive Collection


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God never wants to leave you in the same condition that He found you in. Because of His great love for you, He has freely provided you with the gifts of salvation, the Holy Spirit, and the promises of God. How do you freely receive and experience them?

Pastor Gregory Dickow has put this liberating teaching together to show you how to freely receive the grace of God, and how to expect His goodness to show up in your life. In this 3-CD series, Freely Receive, you will be taught that everything that changes in your life for the better will be an automatic reflex of freely receiving His gifts of grace!

Also included is a 2-CD series entitled Glory. Do you know what it means to live for the throne of God or for His glory? The chief purpose of man is to give glory to God and enjoy Him forever. This revealing series will teach you how to agree with God so you can purify your soul from the lies you believe. You will start enjoying your life and your relationship with God more than ever before as you learn how to freely receive from God and glorify Him in your everyday life.