Happy Days: A Moment With Jesus


In this empowering series, Pastor Gregory Dickow explains very specifically how to be a captain of joy instead of a captive of discontentment. You will discover the three beliefs that make you unhappy and the three origins of true happiness. Get ready—happy days are ahead for you!

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Happy Days Are Here!

Happy days belong to you as a believer in Jesus Christ. Everything we do in life, we do to be happy. Yet, so many people are still living in discontentment. Even in the worst of times, God has created us to find joy in our lives.

This liberating and empowering series will reveal and focus on the sources of true happiness and the power of intimacy, connection, and relationship with God. You are no longer separate from God because of sin; Jesus died once and for all to be close with you. He notices you, calls you by name, speaks to you, and desires you. This series will completely change your relationship with yourself, people, and money. You will realize that you can be happy because Jesus is coming to stay at your house to dine with you. He is not expecting anything from you. He’s bringing everything you need.

In one moment, your entire perspective can change. Pastor Gregory Dickow shares the defining moment that changed Zacchaeus’ life forever—the moment Jesus noticed him, recognized him, and called him by name. Your past doesn’t have to keep you in shame (or in a tree). Your perspective and life will change for the better when you believe He came to die on the Tree to have an intimate relationship with you. The supernatural, miraculous relationship you get to have with Jesus will change your relationship with yourself, money, possessions, and others. To God, nothing matters more than you—you are His bride!

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  • Happy Days: A Moment With Jesus | 3-CD Audio Series