Jesus Our Deliverer


No matter what troubles or afflictions you are going through, the Lord promises to deliver you out of them all! This liberating and powerful series will reveal to you that Jesus is willing and able to rescue you every time. It will also practically show you how to trust God and put your faith in His invincible, unconditional love for you—which never fails!



Everyone has a story and God is the author and finisher of your faith. Under the surface, God is preparing you, molding you, and fashioning your destiny into something better than you ever imagined—even in the silence, His timing is perfect. When you realize what God is up to behind the scenes, it will give you so much supernatural peace and free you from anxiety, worry, negativity, and offense.

In this liberating series, Pastor Gregory Dickow reminds you of six things that God does in challenging seasons. Your faith will be encouraged to continue to trust Him despite the physical circumstances.

Items Included:

  • Jesus Our Deliverer | 2-CD Audio Series