5 Miracles of Knowing God’s Love Collection


This inspiring collection will reveal the miracles that come from God’s goodness. It will deepen the way you know Him. It will also cause you to develop a deeper understanding of His passion, patience, and promises.

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This 5 Miracles of Knowing God’s Love Collection reveals the goodness and miracles that come into our lives when we know the one true God and His extravagant love. Knowing God and His love does not need to be a mystery. Jesus said eternal life is knowing God and Jesus Christ, whom He has sent. Some of us grew up with the wrong concept of God—an angry God looking to punish us because of our sins and mistakes. But that’s not who God is. God is love.

In this life-changing collection, Pastor Gregory Dickow shows us that the actual function of Christianity is firmly rooted in God’s character. His character consists of kindness, mercy, forgiveness, gentleness, sweetness, and love. The Christianity of the Bible is demonstration after demonstration of God’s love for us and how much we mean to Him.

If life is unfair, the gates of hell still cannot prevail against us. God created us in a community with Him and each other. Through Jesus, we are united. Our connection to the Father and each other causes us to live victoriously, seated in heavenly places. No matter how much life squeezes us, we have victory when we’re connected! He will break down every barrier keeping us from a happy, healthy, and thriving life. When we remember the true nature of God, we will let go of all fear. We can be confident that His goodness will turn our tests into testimonies!

Items Included:

  • Knowing God | 5-CD Audio Series

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