The Most Powerful Words on Earth


This inspiring and practical teaching will show you how to experience power, happiness, miracles, and your purpose by thanking God with your words.


Happiness, Miracles, and Purpose Are GOD’S Idea!

You can experience miracles that will make a real difference in your life! What are the most powerful words on earth? They aren’t what you may think, but they will ABSOLUTELY change your life. Did you know that you can find the most powerful words on earth in the Bible? These words have the power to change your emotions and your life for the better in each and every way. Do you need a miracle or a breakthrough today, or a turning point that brings your turnaround? You can put your trust in the goodness of God, and in His promise that all things work together for your good. You really can put your trust in the fact that what the enemy meant for evil, God will turn into something good.

In addition, with actual proof from Psychologists, you will see how the principles of God’s Word have been proven true and can be trusted to give you the solutions you need to experience victory! As a result, you can trust His principles. Finally, you can know that His principles will give you the solutions you need to experience the victory that belongs to you!

Items Included:

  • The Most Powerful Words On Earth | Single Audio CD