Pure Joy: Freedom From the Religion of Misery USB Collection


Christianity is not a religion, It’s a relationship with God! The era of you having to work for the forgiveness of your sins is over! You are no longer a “slave”, you are a son or daughter of God. This powerful teaching will help you begin walking in this kind of freedom today!

Listen to this teaching and learn what the two versions of Christianity in the world are, and how to experience the peace, joy, and rest that come from knowing and believing you are a son or daughter of God. Enjoy a vibrant and healthy relationship with God better than you ever have before!

This liberating collection includes an additional 10 of Gregory Dickow’s favorite audio teachings about living a life of pure joy.


You Can Have Pure Joy!

You can have pure joy no matter what. Religion is filled with rules and regulations and depends greatly on your actions. Grace is unmerited favor being generously poured out to you regardless of your actions. Jesus came to overturn the religion that was once the standard. His love and grace wiped out the old laws, and The End of Religion shows us how to enter freely into a joy filled relationship with God.

Religion will make you sad, but God’s grace will make you glad! The great news is, God does not base your relationship with Him on your law-based performance. What a relief! So then, what does He base it on? Listen to this powerful collection and find out!

What is the real Jesus really like? Are you experiencing love, joy, and a sense of value and worth? If not, maybe it is time to find out the truth. The number one form of deception in the world today is the false preaching of the Bible. This results in an incorrect view of the Bible, and the God of the Bible. What is the difference between Old Testament law and New Testament grace? This amazing and liberating collection will answer these questions and more, and show you what the real Jesus is really like.

Additional Resources

THE POWER TO CHANGE TODAY is more than a typical self-help book. It not only includes a discussion of a spiritual and common sense wisdom, but also reveals the story of Pastor Dickow’s personal journey through a painful childhood, a crisis of faith, and a miracle conversion.

Items Included

  • The End of Religion | 5-CD Series
  • Pure Joy: Freedom from the Religion of Misery | Single Audio CD
  • The Real Jesus | Single Audio CD
  • Signed Copy of The Power to Change Today | Hardback Book
  • ALL CD Series above | 7-Part Audio Series (On USB Drive)
  • Favorite Teachings About Pure Joy | 10-Part Audio Series (On USB Drive)

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