Silencing the Voices of the Enemy


This powerful teaching will show you how to use His gifts and authority to defeat the voices of condemnation once and for all.

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You Can Silence the Voices of the Enemy!

There are 3 things to remember so you can silence the voices of the enemy. First, silencing the voices of the enemy is your right as a child of God! The Bible says there are many kinds of voices in the world. Second, it also states that we have an enemy who is called the accuser—one who accuses us before our God day and night, but you can overcome him. Lastly, God has given you His salvation, strength, kingdom, and the power of His Christ. How can you practically tell which voices you are listening to, and more importantly, how do you silence and overcome them? This powerful series will teach you how to put your faith in God’s voice instead. As a result, you will begin to reign in life more than ever before through Jesus Christ.

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  • Silencing the Voices of the Enemy | 4-CD Audio Series