Righteousness: The Solution to Everything


In this powerful, series, Gregory Dickow shares of the benefits that come along with this powerful gift of righteousness, as well as how to activate the gift and begin seeing victory over every situation, every challenge, and every problem.



You Can Make an Eternal Difference
in the Lives of Children Around the World!

Stand with Gregory Dickow to make a difference in the lives of precious people who have been forgotten and minimized all because they struggle to read.

Experience all the benefits of the unchangeable gift of righteousness and make an eternal difference at the same time!

Many people talk about having a hole inside them, an ambiguous emptiness. Everything we do is an attempt to fill that hole; we either choose harmful things, good works, or we fill it with the Holy Spirit. You’ve already been given righteousness, now Righteousness: The Solution To Everything will help you understand how your choices can be a by-product of God’s truth and grace inside you. Then, anything you do will be a result of wholeness, not an attempt at wholeness. God’s righteousness will solve all your problems and make you completely whole.

Plus, your gift today will be used to produce and distribute solar bibles to millions of people!



Solar-Powered Audio Bibles

With your financial support, we are sending solar-powered audio Bibles to people in other nations. They are blind or can’t read. Make a difference in the lives of precious people, who have been forgotten and minimized.

We are asking you, to help us reach one, two, or even a precious family that has been left behind.  Show them the love of God in a very practical way. Help them “hear” the gospel in their native language.

You can do that with a special gift of $30 or more. With your gift, we will send you the recent 2-CD series, Righteousness: The Solution to Everything.

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  • Righteousness: The Solution to Everything | 2-CD Series

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