How To Stop Feeling Bad Collection


This liberating and empowering collection will show you how to stop feeling bad, guilty, and ashamed. You will learn how to stop just trying to survive, and start enjoying what God has richly provided for you.

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How Can We Stop Feeling Bad?

The How to Stop Feeling Bad Collection reveals that God has already removed your chains of sin, guilt, shame, oppression, fear, and defeat. God truly loves you unconditionally, and has provided an effective way for you to stop living in trouble and tribulation, and start celebrating and enjoying His love, joy, peace, and goodness, no matter what you are facing! You will learn how to enjoy God’s love every day and stop feeling guilty for your mistakes and shortcomings.

Do you know God promises that you can win every battle? The Word of God has all the power you need for whatever problem you may be facing. Righteousness is the weapon that God has given you to protect your heart from guilt, accusations, fear, and condemnation.

In this liberating and powerful collection, you will discover:

  • Why God didn’t spare His Son Jesus
  • What’s included in “Jesus freely gives us all things.” Gregory Dickow will give you his top five things
  • Biblical truth about Spiritual Warfare—it’s not what you think
  • Worship, repentance, discipleship, and amazement, it all comes from one thing

Items Included:

  • How to Stop Feeling Bad | 2-CD Audio Series
  • Your #1 Weapon for Winning Every Battle | 4-CD Audio Series

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