You Are Beautiful!


This vital series will reveal to you the four things that determine the value of your soul. When you understand your eternal worth and value in God’s eyes, miraculous things begin to happen!

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You Are the Beautiful Pearl!

You are beautiful in God’s eyes. He calls you the pearl of great price! God paid the highest price and gave up everything—just for you!

Have you ever thought that you’re not worth much or that your mistakes have destroyed your value? Do you feel insignificant? If so, realize that GOD sees your soul as more valuable than anything else in this world! We don’t need to try to find our worth, obtain it, or struggle to feel valuable. We don’t need to do anything except to discover it!

How do you see yourself? Do you only see your mistakes, your shortcomings, or how other people see you? The world may not value you, but God sees you as a valuable, beautiful, precious pearl, which has a significant purpose. A genuine pearl is not perfect—but instead shows a reflection. God knows that you are imperfect, but He did not call you to be perfect. He called you to reflect His love and kindness. Let His new perspective of your identity deeply heal you as you realize you have beauty because God created you!

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  • You Are Beautiful! Beautiful Pearls Create Beautiful Gates | 2-CD Audio Series