The Beauty of Jesus | Remedy for a Discouraged Soul
Gregory Dickow
I don’t have a complicated message: I want to encourage people with the good news of God’s unconditional love—and to see that reality change their thinking and their emotions.
The Beauty of Jesus | Remedy for a Discouraged Soul

All pandemic summer and into this fall, I’ve been captivated by something so simple, but so misunderstood in the world and in the body of Christ.

What is it? Simply put: It is the BEAUTY OF JESUS.

Song of Solomon 5:16 describes Him best when it says, “His mouth is most sweet, Yes, HE is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend…!”

There is nothing unlovely about Jesus. He is “altogether lovely. Altogether wonderful. He is the definition of beauty. In fact, why is there beauty in this world at all? It is the signpost pointing to the One who created it.

I want to break down for you 10 ways I have seen the captivating beauty of Jesus. I hope you will use these as a catalyst to dive further into His beauty for yourself.

  1. How beautiful are His hands as He healed the sick, cleansed the lepers, and multiplied bread to fed the multitudes. Then was pierced for our salvation and healing. 
  2. How beautiful are His feet, pierced for our sins, after years of walking mile after mile bringing healing power, love, and salvation to whosoever believes.
  3. How beautiful is His embrace, as children go racing toward Him to be caught up in His arms and as He lays His hands on each of them, blessing them with His sacred and tender touch.
  4. How beautiful is His prayer when He prayed in John 17:23, that the world would know that the Father sent Him, and that the Father loves us as He loves Jesus.
  5. How beautiful is His humility when in John 13:3, Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under His power. Upon knowing this, Jesus didn’t take a bow, a throne, or a victory lap. He took a towel and washed His disciples’ feet.
  6. How beautiful is His hand writing as He stoops down in front of the woman caught in adultery and writes in the dirt something that must have been meant to set this woman free.
  7. How beautiful is His love in John 11:3-5, when they said, “Jesus, the one whom You love is sick. Jesus loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus…
  8. How beautiful are His tears when in John 11:33, He saw Mary weeping and was moved deeply–––in verse 35, “Jesus wept.
  9. How beautiful is His brow, as it is pierced through by a crown of thorns. The greatest King and the most brilliant mind is bloodied by a punishing crown He wore for you and me.
  10. How beautiful are His eyes that looked at the thief on the cross as His own friend, without condemnation, promising him,Today you shall be with Me in paradise.” (Luke 23:43)

He is Altogether Lovely

No wonder Mary sat at His feet after experiencing His forgiveness and His defense of her soul. “Leave her alone,” He said, when the Pharisees, blinded by their self-righteousness, wanted her dead. (Mark 14:6)

Two sisters were hosting Jesus. One was bothered and distracted. One was at peace, free from worry. One knew what was necessary. One had her priorities mixed up. One was offended. One was in love. One was distracted. One was at peace. (Luke 10:38-42)

And what made the difference?

Mary was focused on Jesus’ beauty, sitting at His feet, listening to the pearls of love and wisdom coming from His heart. Martha was focused on what had to be done; what had to be cleaned; what had to be prepared.

Their entire emotional condition was based on one thing: what they were focused on.

Can you see why Mary chose to sit at His feet? Can you begin to see what she must have seen?

David said, I’m asking God for one thing, only one thing: To live with Him in His house my whole life long. I’ll contemplate His beauty; I’ll study (as I sit) at His feet.” (Psalm 27:4, MSG)

What does it practically mean to sit at His feet?

  • Sitting at His feet means rest. He offered rest to anyone who was weary in Matthew 11.
  • Sitting at His feet means listening, like Mary did in Luke 10.
  • Sitting at His feet means giving thanks, as the one leper did in Luke 17:11.
  • Being seated means studying His Wonderful Word. (Acts 22:3)
  • Sitting at His feet means expecting to see the impossible, as the demon-possessed man did in Luke 8:40-42.
  • Sitting at His feet actually means ruling with Him in heavenly places, as we are seated with Him in Ephesians 2:6.

Sitting at His feet means choosing the good and choosing the best, like Mary did when she chose to listen and learn.

In fact, notice the powerful benefits that came from Mary sitting at His feet:

  1. She was freed from worry. (Luke 10:41)
  2. She gained control of her emotions. In verse 40, Martha was distracted. (Distracted = being dragged around by life’s circumstances.)
  3. Mary was not dragged around by life. She had issues, but they didn’t have her because she sat at Jesus’ feet.
  4. She knew the difference between what was necessary and what wasn’t. (Verses 41-42)
  5. She made the right choices. (Verses 41-42)

Yes, He is altogether lovely! This is my Beloved,
and this is my Friend!”
(Song of Solomon 5:16)


Lastly, sitting at Jesus’ feet means to walk where He would walk.

Our beautiful Savior has called His people to bring others to His feet, to bring others to His heart, and to bring others to His beautiful love. (Matthew 28:19-20)

You see? Jesus goes to the lowest place to find us in order to bring us up to the highest place, seated with Him.

No matter what is going on in your life, bring it to the feet of your beautiful Savior. He will free you from worry, just as He did for Mary. He will give you command of your life. And He will satisfy all your needsinside and out.

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